Friday, February 19, 2010

You're packed and you're stacked 'specially in the back...

Latest youtube distraction: early- to mid-90s music videos. Okay, so it's a recurring distraction.

I love Salt-N-Pepa. Someday, when I have lots of time on my hands, I want to write a post about how Very Necessary is one of the most important albums for feminism in hip hop of... ever. But, for now, enjoy the awesomeness.

I like how Spinderella is in all the videos, just so we remember she's part of it. Also, Pepa could kick my ass.

On a slightly related note, am I the only one who just now noticed that in TLC's Unpretty video, Lefteye is signing the lyrics? Not singing, signing. Is this because the poor MC has nothing to do?

I would embed the TLC video if I could, but I can't. Watch it. Appreciate the futuristic, zen-powered hovercrafts. Smile as the bulimic girl tears the negative images of women off her wall and puts on a swimsuit! Cheer as Chilli karate-kicks her bf for trying to pressure her into getting a boob job. Did anyone else think she was going to get hit by an ambulance when she fell to the ground in relief outside the clinic?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Am I old at heart? [Updated: 2/19/10]

Or do I just hate things because I'm rational and those things are annoying and loud and not part of normal human etiquette?

I rode the train today. As it turns out, I've been riding the train a lot lately. I come into Dublin about once a week, for classes, gigs, etc., and it can be a very pleasant ride. Three hours long, but nothing to complain about. I write, I read, I doze off to various podcasts. Except....

Teenagers. I. hate. teenagers. And I think I am starting to hate throngs of school-aged children, as well. Teenagers, in my opinion, are bad in any numbers greater than one. They are disrespectful, they destroy any semblance of calm in a room, and I am sure that I was never one, myself.

Okay, yes, I did pass through adolescence, but I maintain that (no matter how angst-y I was at home) I exhibited a certain level of maturity, awareness of my surrounding, and QUIET while out in the world. (Mom, you are not allowed to comment on this assertion.)

I HATE those effing mp3 players that play without headphones, I HATE the effing teenagers who yell over their blasting club remixes in conversation, and most of all I hate the parents (when present) who do nothing to suggest that the volume of their kids' music (let alone their voices) is inappropriately high.

So, yes, I am a cranky old librarian at heart. And that's just fine with me.

[UPDATE: Feb 19, 2010]

It turns out I don't just hate teenagers, I also hate old people--the ones who think that cell phones are just like the landlines of yore, attached to imaginary walls in their imaginary houses and who think that speaking at a volume appropriate for these imaginary settings, not to mention compensating for the onset of deafness, is the norm.

It's a train, people, not your kitchen or living room or parlor. The people all around you? They are real. They are trying to read. They are trying not to throw their books at your head.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I saw Catherine Deneuve!

I swear! And no, I wasn't watching-- well, pretty much any French movie made in the past thirty years. I saw her for realsies! And like a big creep, I took a picture.

Of course, I didn't want to be too creepy, and as a result, you can't really tell it's her at all. Damn my 3x zoom! It's just not enough in these kinds of situations. But anyway, that woman with all the blond hair blowing into her eyes, that's her.

Thanks to Sofia for taking me to Trocadéro; also, for noticing it was Catherine Deneuve being filmed on location. Highlight of this trip to Paris.