Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snowy Armageddon hits Scotland!

And I thought the PNW was unprepared for inclement weather.

It has been snowing for a good week and a half now -- a lovely Saturday morning surprise turned epic icy failure to grit roads and sidewalks.  The snow stopped, partially thawed, refroze, and recommenced, so now we have that lovely packed, slick, no-possible-traction kind of surface that cars and pedestrians both love, and what is the Scottish government doing about it?  Nothing, apparently.

Now, I know it's hard when you're not ready for it.  I grew up in Vancouver, Washington.  I know what happens to a rainy, temperate climate when the temperature dips below freezing.  But this is normal weather here.  It's early, yes, but normal.  Pull yourself together, United Kingdom!

I was the only one who showed up to work in my department today.  I walk and take the underground (which has been jam-packed, due to it being the only reliable source of transportation), so I don't have a problem.  We closed early yesterday and it took one lady nine hours to get home.  Two of those hours were spent crossing a bridge.  Buses have been canceled for days.  People have been stuck in traffic for over 24 hours.  To save gas and stay warm, people are piling into each other's cars and running the heaters.  Cars have been abandoned on the motorways.  Does this not all sound a little bit absurd?  A bit Day After Tomorrow-ish?

Minnesota can do it.  Norway can do it.  Most of Canada does it every year.  Deal.  With.  The.  Snow.